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Professional Experience

Michael Humphries creates distinctive and professional visuals for the entertainment industry, always seeking a fresh approach to visual development, art direction, and production design.



ArtCenter College of Design

  • Production Design

  • Visual Development

  • Style Development for Film

  • Digital Landscape Painting

  • Gouache Techniques



Production Designer

  • Open Season / Sony Animation (Annie Award Nominated for Production Design)

Art Director

  • Clifford's Really Big Movie / Scholastic Entertainment

  • "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" Fantasia 2000 / Disney Feature Animation

  • "The Little Match Girl" / Disney Feature Animation (Oscar Nominated) / Fantasia Cont. short

  • "One by One" / Disney Feature Animation / Fantasia Cont. short

  • Tom and Jerry the Movie / Turner Pictures-Film Roman Studios

Background Lead

  • Kung Fu Panda:  Secrets of the Masters / Dreamworks Animation, Duncan Studios

Visual Development and/or Background Artist

  • First Super Hero Monkey King / East International Pictures

  • "Disney Dreams" water show / Disney Special Projects

  • Warner Bros. / Tom and Jerry Direct-to-Videos

  • The Princess and the Frog / Disney Feature Animation

  • The Simpsons Movie / IDT

  • Home on the Range / Disney Feature Animation

  • Brother Bear / Disney Feature Animation

  • Wild Life / Disney Feature Animation

  • Atlantis / Disney Feature Animation

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Disney Feature Animation

  • The Lion King / Disney Feature Animation

  • Rescuers Down Under / Disney Feature Animation

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit / Disney Feature Animation

  • The Great Mouse Detective / Disney Feature Animation

  • For full film and TV credits, visit I.M.D.B.

Publishing and Licensing

  • CRC Taylor and Francis Publishing / Visual Storytelling With Color and Light

  • Sagebrush Fine Art / prints, calendars, greeting cards, puzzles, and more

  • ArtLicensing / prints, home decor

  • Mead Publishing / fine art calendar

  • American Greetings / greeting cards

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